• Integrated long-term planning

    Focused on guiding you through the next chapter

  • High-touch client experience

    We strive to deliver the feeling of a private family office to every client

  • Robust dividend growth

    Forward looking approach based on fundamental research and analysis

We help empower our clients as they turn a new page in their financial future.

  Whether it is someone selling their company, adjusting to changing family dynamics or simply retiring – we are focused on guiding you through the next chapter.

While most wealth management firms focus solely on portfolio construction, we recognize that in an ever-changing world clients’ financial footprints are becoming more and more complex. In order to provide a holistic approach to your wealth, we have built a dedicated team of Entrepreneurs in Residence that can help you analyze investments outside of the capital markets.

"Sequentis is latin for next chapter"

Sequentis Capital is a premier wealth management firm helping families and endowments with their next chapter. We offer:

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